Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sacrafice of the Raven (The Union Series BK Four)

By: Shawn Reilly

I will begin my review by stating that I am one of the author's beta-reader's so I have 1)received the manuscript from the author free of charge for my services as a beta and 2)I have paid for a copy of this book (because my manuscript copy is marked up with my notes).  Some of us who review have recently been accused of writing false reviews as favors to the author (for what I cannot figure out). The accuser not considering that a beta-reader and some reviewers receive copies of the manuscript prior to submission to the editor/publication.  I feel honored that Shawn asked me to beta for her series, even though it is not my genre. She is a fellow Hoosier and so I agreed to read and review. I fell in love with her writing and the story. I have been so pleasantly surprised at the quality of her first publications.   I am so excited for the release of the fourth volume of The Union series.

That being said, now I can speak to you lovers of prose as a reader/reviewer. Sacrifice Of The Raven (The Union Series BK4)is an exciting, romantic and very humorous bringing together of the characters. You will get to know them more intimately, know the functioning of the Union and Lake family. The love Asher has been trying to avoid, in order to save his life and prevent the calling of the Raven's curse, becomes a prominent focus for him as he falls more in love with Elle. He is at a crossroads, he can live and not love or he can have a short-lived love with Elle. There are unexpected surprises, titillating romance (without explicit sex). She gives her leading men playful, sexy humor even in the tense and dangerous moments. You will be entertained by the antics of Ari (brown Labrador Retriever in ani-shift form) as he guards the Keeper and maintains his status as the 'rogue' of the ani-shift world, Asher (black wolf in ani-shift) and, of course, the twins Casin and Cade (rodents in ani-shift) who, because of their size, can get into all sorts of situations that often lead the family into danger. Enjoy.