Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dawn Mist

By: Karla Brandenberg

Kundigerin, book 3 in the series, continues the story of our favorite baker, Marissa (Maitland) Harper and her brother, Max, who is a Huter de s Geheimnisses (keeper of secrets). We meet a few (not too many) friends, all brought together because of their abilities. When one friend is revealed to be evil, he is destroyed and killed. But by whom or what was this evil demon? Neither Marissa or new friend, Giselle (also a Kundigerin-one who knows/sees psychic signatures left by events) can get a reading on this new apparition. Was it his long lost brother or is this a new entity to the powers they have inherited?

I was, once again, immersed in the story. The plotlines are easy to follow. She has created characters and physical descriptions eloquently, without overwhelming the reader. This is my favorite of the series thus far because by this time I am totally involved with the characters. AND this book is far from my regular genre.