Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rebel Warrior Bk#3 Medieval Warrior series

By Regan Walker

I was given an early edition for an honest, unbiased review. Medieval is not normally a genre I read but since Bk#1 of the Medieval Warrior series The Red Wolf Prize, I have been totally enthralled and involved in this on-going story. It's no surprise Regan Walker is again nominated for the prestigious RONE award. Bk#3 Rebel Warrior is flawlessly crafted and historically accurate. She has eloquently created characters and physical descriptions. 
Our 'h' Catriona and her brother, Niall of Vale of Leven, survive a massacre of their family and friends by some 'Northlanders'. With their uncle, the Moramer of Atholl and his daughter, Fia, they join the court of Malcolm, King of Scotland. The girls become Ladies to Queen Margaret. Being a pious woman she helps Catriona start a new life and return to God. The benevolence of the queen is heartwarming.
Steiner of Talisand, brother of Lady Serena of Talisand (Bk#1). Her husband, Lord of Talisand, was given Steiner's birthright and his sister by King William (England). Recovering from an injury, he is now scribe to King Malcolm. He falls in love with the free spirit and strong will of the red headed Catriona and literally fights to rejoin the King as one of his knights and to win her, and a new life for them.
His friend, Rhodri of Gwynedd is a talented bard and expert archer. It is unknown that he is heir to the throne of King of Gwynett and Powys (Wales). He immediately falls in love with Fia.
Read and enjoy them in order no matter what genre you usually read...and we can look forward to more.