Saturday, September 12, 2015

Delightful-One Scandalous Kiss

By: Christy Carlyle

How far would you go to save your (deceased) wastrel father's business? Sometimes keeping a deathbed promise isn't the best road for a girl to follow. But Jess has integrity enough to do just that, keep his bookstore at all costs. What he also left her was his massive debt.
When an opportunity to earn enough to bring the bank note current-she accepts. A little r I check girl is upset that the handsome Viscount would not dance with her, he barely acknowledged her and now he needs to be taught a lesson-brought to his knees, and it is Jess who will bring him down...'the best laid plans' and all that.
As things fall apart in her comfortable, albeit sheltered world, she is rescued by an unlikely ally and taken to the estate of said Viscount. He needs to wed a very wealthy heiress (don't they all) before the roof caves in around them. Enter: rich heiress from America-to play 'dollars for title'. But there are temptations for all at this engagement-house party. And the heiress and Viscount cannot seem to keep their eyes focused. The rake friend, the little rich girl that got her feelings hurt (Yes, she showed up too!) and the well intentioned, busy body aunt are of no help.

You will thoroughly enjoy reading this, the first of the series, roller coaster ride into happiness.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Rogue Knight (Bk2 Agents of the Medieval Warriors series)

By: Regan Walker

I was honored with a beta-copy for preliminary review. I was not compensated.

To start, kudos to our author for prefacing the story with a map and the 'Characters of Note'.
William the Conqueror-the Norman King continues ramped devastation in his quest to rule all England, in this case especially York. An uprising by locals and supporters of Edgar AEthling, saxon heir to the throne of England is imminent. The rebels are led by Maerlswain, a Danish nobleman and father of Emma of York.
Emma has a big heart and is an important support to the citizens of York. She has her 'family' consisting of two orphans, an aging man servant and a cook. Eventually the daughter of York's swordsmaker, in order to ensure her safety from the Normans, joins her group.
Sir Geoffroi de Tourani of Talisand (The Red Wolf's Prize) leads a troop to fight for King William. In a chance meeting they function within both sides, and together in a sweet romance.
King William is intent on teaching the rebels a lesson to show his power, which Ms. Walker describes with intense excitement, but not gruesome. As understated as Emma is she mingles with some Normans as the final showdown commences, and valiantly plays a pivotal role.
This is a flawlessly crafted novel. An exciting continuation of an important time in English history, yet this does not read as a text. Regan Walker achieves a high level of intellect

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Red Wolf's Prize

By: Regan Walker

I was thoroughly enthralled reading for this author. I was given no compensation for this review.
The Red Wolf's Prize is an intelligent and very well written lesson in the history of medieval England in the time of William the Conqueror, not like a text book. The author takes you into the action with her vivid physical descriptions of the local scenery, the devastation of war and, mostly, the characters, what was happening to them, you could feel what they were feeling. With the trepidation Serena felt when the Norman King William I gave her, as part of a gift, to Renaud 'Red Wolf', along with everything that belonged to her family and the city of York, and how she connived and fought to save her freedom. I could feel her futility and the attraction they both felt in their battle of wills. The excitement kept moving without overwhelming the reader with de trop facts and characters. It was so refreshing to have a hero that, although ruthless on the battlefield, is romantic, kind and playful otherwise. This is the first in the series and Regan Walker has started out with a stellar manuscript. I am now reading her other books while awaiting the second of this Medieval Knight series-Rogue Knight

Monday, September 7, 2015

To Tame The Wind

By:  Regan Walker

A refreshing twist on the American Revolution as told from France and England's POV. The historical aspects of this well written book educate, while entertain. It does not read as a text book, as some historicals do, but incorporates true events into the storyline. The reader lives the events along with the characters. The drama and vivid physical descriptions take the reader into the action. You can feel the wind and the jouncing as you stand on deck. You can smell the sea and the warehouse where prisoners were kept. 

This is the story of Claire Donet, who was hidden from life in a Paris convent. All her life she asked why she could not be at home with her father, under the tutelage of a governess. In her early teens she makes a late night escape to fill a need to experience real life, until a young student follows her and later the young girl dies of pneumonia. On her death bed Claire, out of guilt, vows to live the life of a teaching nun as the young girl had wanted to do. She was safe in this life but she never forgot the golden god.

Captain Simon Powell, bastard son of nobility, lives his life fighting his was out of the stigma. The only thing his father ever did was leave him money enough to buy his first sailing vessel, the Abundance. Later he bought the Fairwinds. He was safe in his life as a privateer.

Their lives change the night she is determined to see what a masquerade ball is all about but finds herself up a tree as a golden god has baisers et caresses below-that is until she falls...their eyes meet and il est le destin.

Two years later his ship and crew are taken by Jean Donat, pirate turned privateer (for the French and Americas). The only way to get both back is by taking his est le destin.

What follows is a cat and mouse game of wits between two privateers of opposing sides, who love the same woman.