Sunday, December 28, 2014

Inspiration of Dreams

My dreams occur on several levels. Because of medications, my ‘real’ dreams are far and few. The most recurrent dream I am standing on the cliffs overlooking the North Sea. Below the surf is crashing wildly against the rocks that were once part of the cliffs, and the wind sends up the cold spray against my face. Over my left shoulder is a stone cottage atop a single hill. Light reflects in all directions off the original glass in the small windows, and there is white smoke puffing out between blasts of wind. My peripheral vision is drawn to the green tinged door that appears to be made of wood from old ship hatches. Over my right shoulder is what is left of Slains castle. The tower remains intact and the Countess of Erroll is still standing in front of the floor to ceiling windows of the main room. I join her in scanning the horizion waiting for the first sighting of a bright white sail. We will be on watch for eternity, or as long as I dream. Occassionally a ship will anchor and we will be visited by a handsome man of the sea.

But I have other dreams that are not from the subconscious. They things I feel passionately about and are from my soul. They appear to me in consciousness and ‘twilight’. These dreams include doing away of many things including: young girls wearing too short, too tight, boustierre and strapless dresses (especially in daylight hours of non-celebratory atmosphere), men wearing baseball caps everywhere, over-use of the word F–K, the government giving our money to other countries that would not lift a finger for us. I dream of a life with no reality television and, especially, no Kardashians.

But my dream this week is for cessation of the middle east wars so our people can come home. I dream of strength and peace, and I send best wishes to all of you for a prosperous and productive 2015.