Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Magical World of Books/The Writer's Journey Roadmap

Unlike most of you, I’m sure, books did not play a role in my young life. My life was the desert, the mountains and the kids. A large group of us were together from grade school through high school. In the summer we lived at Crystal Pool in the day and “the park”, a one block lot next to the elementary school. It had several grassy knolls just perfect for clique meetings or clandestine trysts. In the winter we took ot he desert to follow the trails made by the Army bivouac troops or up to the mountains to ride horses or ski. That would be followed by a picnic and rollicking in the dunes of White Sands Missile Range.
I am not saying my life was devoid of books. I recall staying with a distant uncle who gave me a large book bound in orange leatherette, I thought it so elegant. I treasured it and even slept with it. I also remember always enjoying the feel of carrying my school books, and excitement as I turned the pages. Never did I envision them being such an important part of my life.
After school I did not touch a book for a decade, until I met my would be husband. He would tell me about the books he was reading, one per week. Our first date was on a cold rainy weekend so I went to the bookstore-I was in heaven with all the empty, beautifully bound journals, my weakness, and then all the books-what to choose. I purchased the first two Bourne epics by Robert Ludlum. Luckily, Tom had two couches. I filled the coffee table with munchies and we spent the entire weekend reading-great first date.
I have been reading and collecting books since that weekend, and I am now half way through my second book. I treasure the friendships I have made as a result of books.
What of “the kids”? They are still in my life. We keep in touch on social media and have reunions every four years, and I always bring books to give as gifts.

Laura Davis says
Nancy, what a great description of a unique first date between two compatible readers. How wonderful to establish that kind of easy comfort right from the beginning! Thanks for sharing this story. I could really see your Uncle’s gift and imagine you treasuring it.

This felt very cozy Nancy, thank you for sharing!

Jane says
Dear Nancy,
What a happy, healthy outdoors youth you were privileged to enjoy, near the amazing White Sands hill dunes! That is one of my favorite places in the US.
I was moved to be reading the magical tale about the beautiful book your Uncle gifted to you, and how you curled up with your treasured book in bed at night. Then the perfect date with the right guy for you.
Thank you for this lovely writing.

Beverly Boyd says
Hi Nancy,
I loved your description of life in the desert exploring with your friends.
A good read!

Miriam says
Nancy, I love your merging of your ‘loves’, the ‘beautiful, bound journals’ and the books, which became a beautiful way to connect with your now husband. Thank you for sharing this!

Judy says
Nancy, I enjoyed your piece and giggled as I read of your first date with your husband. My husband of 30 years and I shared a similar experience and to this day we still read aloud to each other. This line….”beautifully bound journals, my weakness,” shouted to me and further anchored me in your piece. Well done. Thank you and I look forward to more.

Nancy, I loved hearing about your first date. The idea of lounging on a couch and reading Bourne books and snacking sounds like heaven to me. Thank you for sharing.