Friday, September 21, 2018

Abducted At The Altar (St, Briac series Bk#1)

Once again, author Cynthia Wright takes you on an exciting journey to the 16th century with flawlessly crafted factual historical data incorporated. She eloquently creates intrepid characters and physical Scottish and French locals. This is another series you will want in your library to read over and over.
This is the story of a man's broken soul brought on by a childhood terror that rendered him unable to give himself to love. Christophe, Chevalier de St. Brian (couldn't you just melt) studied architecture with the likes of Michelangelo. The French king promises him the project of a lifetime-redesign the Louve...but first...Christophe must accompany the king's God-daughter, Marie de Guise, as she travels to Scotland to wed James Stewart V, King of Scotland. And he is to oversee the refurbish Falkland Castle to a more French style, ensuring Queen Mary's happiness.
He is surprised by his feelings for the feisty, intelligent, Faulkner girl from Skye that thwarts protocols for this, her one chance at freedom from the drudgery of Duntulm Castle in Skye. Together they conquer the things that hold them back from living and loving. Fiona learns her inner strength, that she need not be the doting caretaker to her recently widowed father and her two lazy brothers and Christophe quits hiding from life (in his work as an architect). They both lead one another to love.
NOTE**** Not to worry, Tim Campbell's (French Fox) smoldering narration is coming!!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bargaining With A Rake (A Whisper Of Scandal series) Book 1

By: Julie Johnstone

It will be difficult for the Duke of Kingsley (aka the Duke of Death) to re-enter society after an 11 year absence. The death of his wife has yet to be resolved and so we can count on the ton to make the worst of what is out there...only the duke and eldest daughter, Gillian, know what happened the night the duchess when over the cliff. Young Whitney does not recall the events of that night. 

Since returning to London, Gllian has received anonymous notes warning them not to re-enter society or the true story of what happened that night will be made public. And you will ask, who else was there? 

Father wants his daughters wed before the story becomes exacerbated thus ruining any chance of an advantageous ($$$$) match. Gillian met a fine specimen of a man behind some drapes as she hid from her father and his choice of suitor, the evil Mallorian. Later her friend, Sally, reintroduces her to the man who stole a kiss from her when she was 8 years old, Alex-Lord Lionhurst, who also hides in drapes from anxious, amorous females.  She is looking for his busienss partner, Drake. If she weds him, she can have a secure life and have her sister live away from scrutiny and accusations with her in America.

The story becomes very exciting as potential suitors try to make their play, the blackmailer makes some bold moves that affects several characters. I really enjoyed this drama, romance, mystery. There are sinister characters. There are humorous characters.  I can highly recommend this series as I have read it three times now. I also recommend the Audible narration by Tristan Hunt.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Secret Of Love Book 3 Rakes & Rebels: The Ravaneau Family

By: Cynthia Wright

She fell in love with Gabriel as a young girl 'I am going to marry him she tells Moette.

Let me just preface my review by saying that you must get the Audible narration to play along as you read. The French Tim Campbell has flawlessly created the characters-and ladies there is nothing like this voice a-la French.

He did not recognize the lady who had been on the plump side, had become a striking beauty and accomplished landscape artist. Four years ago she suggested he hide his portrait of King Francios I in a remote smugglers underground locker on her brother, Sebastian's, Trevarre estate. Now he's back to retrieve it and return it safely to France.

Lady Isabella 'Izzie' Trevarre is hiding secrets. One is her renewed attraction for Gabriel St. Briac, smuggler and rogue. Four years only made him more handsome and exciting. The second is her knowledge of who stole the portrait of the king of France, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. She reasons that her knowledge of art, especially da Vinci, will help Gabriel locate his only claim to family without revealing all she knows. She, and her dedicated maid, stow away on his ship only to be discovered before making landfall in France. And the journey commences across land to his home, all the while being pursued by Lt. Lynton, Customs Agent. He claims she has been kidnapped but he is vengeful after she repeatedly refused his addresses.

As their journey continues, they stop at his brother, Justin's, home where he brazenly attempts to seduce Izzie-all the better to get his little brother's ire up and open his eyes to love. Mother and father St. Briac are hilarious. Mother's intuition sends them on to Chateaux du Soleil, castle of King Francios I, where they learn that fairy tales sometimes do come true. But first the true culprit takes Izzie and Gabriel must save her because she means more to him than the da Vinci.

The author eloquently created characters and flawless physical descriptions. The story moved and presented exciting twists and turns. Her plotlines will stand the test of time and you will want to re-read this fine manuscript frequently

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Refuge: An Inspirational Novel of Scotland

By: Regan Walker

North of Glasgow near Loch Lomond, the Vale of Leven was attacked by two longboats of 'Northmen' (Norse). Catriona watched as her friends and family were brutally slain. All that remained were Cat, her falcon, her brother Niall and her faithful guard Angus.  Everything was gone including her faith. What God allows such carnage and mayhem, and plundering of all their possessions. Her soul was filled with terror and hatred.

The man Cationa had always thought she'd wed, Domnal mac Murchada removed them to their maternal uncle Matad, mormar of Atholl, and his daughter Fia. Matad was a powerful provincial ruler. Post-mourning he took them post-mourning he took them to the castle of Malcolm, King of Scots. Niall became an archer. Cat and Fia become two of Queen Margaret 'Ladies'. Unlike her strong warrior husband, the Queen was benevolent and pious, requiring personal sacrifices; pre-dawn prayers and feeding the needy before yourself. Soon Cat began to pray to God. The Queen, in her infinite goodness, saw the lost soul, the restlessness and depression so she spent time nurturing the hurt, and granting her some freedom that she may heal. Meanwhile, Domnal was also at court but paid her little heed and never spoke of the betrothed the and Catriona had planned. As he became more important so did his need for a well connected, well dowried Lady. Although painful, the Queen explained how God had other plans for her with a better man

That man is the King's scribe (with the body of a warrior) Steiner of Talisand, His gentle attentiveness and their mutual intellect, as well as his kisses, brought their lost souls together. Even the King's plans to wed her to another could not keep them from God and love. It's always nice to revisit beloved characters. It was a pleasure to read this from a religious point of view and see how Queen Margaret brought so much to her people but took time to save a hurt, lonely soul and an injured, displaced warrior.

This one has much adventure and brings you to Scotland of old with enough real history to put you in that time period, which I loved. And the story will warm your heart and feed your soul.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Dukes of War series (book 1) The Viscount's Christmas Temptation

By: Erica Ridley

Amelia ran the homes of her brother, the Duke of Ravenswood, as a well oiled machine. Her OCD tendencies allow her to multi-task and even perceive impending needs/problems. But as her thirtieth birthday approaches on the day after Christmas, she decides she must have a husband before that date-it's better to say you are twenty something. The 75th Annual Sheffields Christmas Eve Ball will provided her a pool of titled men to choose her husband from.

The Viscount of Sheffield lives his life strictly 8a.m. to 8p.m. is all business and from 8p.m. to 8a.m. is for debauchery. A house fire causes him to cancel the annual ball, that is until his world was turned upside down by the unannounced visit to his study by Amelia. She had a plan and told him that his ball was to take place, and she will be handling the details.

What ensues is a clash of two dominant OCD personalities and some daylight debauchery. The Dukes of War series storyline is constinually entertaining and well written. 

Stevie Zimmerman performs the Audible narration and I have given her a 4 star rating. A very female voice does not do justice to a tall, muscular male character. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

King's Knight (Medieval Warriors Book 4)

It's is always gratifying to catch up with old friends. In King's Knight, the son of our original h & H, Serena and Renauld de Pierrepont (aka Red Wolf) is his father's son. He's handsome, sexy and a powerful warrior for King William Rufus.

His sexual prowess is known far and wide but the raven haired 'Black Wolf' must answer to his king's wishes that he settle in Normandy and wed. But his heart belongs to the beauty of Talisand.

Merewyn, the illegitimate daughter of a rape victim, was bullied as a young girl. Her champion and protector was always Alex. She became an expert with the bow and arrow under the guidance of a Welsh friend of another expert archer, Lady Serena, mother of the Black Wolf. It was in Wales that Merewyn and Alex meet again. His protective feelings emerge again, love and passion build, but his King has chosen his bride and war between King William and the King of Scotland will take him away. Will Merewyn's secret ruin his favour with his King and devastate relationships of family and friends.

But we are happy to read about our favourite medieval family, and the Red Wolf's son. Regan Walker has created another dramatic epic as only she can. She is always historically accurate. Her physical descriptions and storyline are impeccable. Her words read like an old friend that has the reader wishing that as the pages turn, more will come to allow this masterpiece to be savoured.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Love Beyone Time Bk.#1 Morna's Legacy series

By: Bethany Claire

Many centuries ago Morna, a professed witch, saw doom descending upon her family, the Conall clan. In her room off the basement kitchen Morna stores her journals of spells. She made a spell in hopes of saving the future of her family both old and present.  If both parties, past and present eras, simultaneously read the spell, Blaire of the MacChristy clan,17th century Scotland and Brielle Montgomery, a present day kindergarten teacher in Austin, Texas, will exchange places in time. The vessel of transportation in time is an intriguing and believable story.

Morna's brother, the laird Alisday Conall, finds tells the story of the picture and incantation to the faithful housekeeper, Mary. The new laird, Eoin Conall, is to wed the, always irritating, daughter of his father's friend, Blaire MacCarthy. It's going to be a tumultuous ride as they show total disdain for one another.

Bri's mother, Adelle, is a renowned archeologist and has recruited her daughter, Bri, to return to Conall castle to investigate the legendary hidden room of the witch Morna. Happily, she finds it just as it was, full of dried up herbs and all of her journals. Upon entering the chamber Bri finds a plaque with HER picture painted on it. She held it and read the incantation. As she read the words she felt the  ground give way then blackness and she was in the 17th century Scotland. Mary is rushing to dress for her wedding to the new laird, Eoin. Bri thinks she is in a coma, this is just a dream, and since the environment was so amazing and the handsome, sexy Eoin is the man of her dreams. With the support and guidance of Mary she finally realized this is for real. As events unexplained happen, she knows she was sent here to save the clan from total destruction (as described in the history books).

This was a believable story with good character development. It is full of intrigue and suspense, action and vivid physical descriptions. There were surprising turns as characters become not who you thought they were, and made decisions that made perfect sense in the end. I am so looking forward to Book 2 to see who will be the main character and how life in 17th century Scotland and 20th century. The chronology was easy to follow. I would prefer more dialogue than narration. I loved the end and the h is so strong.