Sunday, August 14, 2016

Never Tempt A Rogue

By: Christy Carlyle

Although this is my second, and third, read of this lovely story, I felt it deserves a new review. One gets something new from each read and re-read of a quality manuscript.
These poor debutantes, coming to the Forsythe house party, where they are assured to meet the uber-tall, handsome, charming 'rake' Alexander Evering, Viscount Lindsay. Lady Georgiana, Countess Forsythe has assured all that her nephew is available, although she neglected to tell him that he is to be the soup du jour.
Amongst the debs is Amelia and her chaperone-cousin, Felicity, who is protective as a mother bear. Felicity is the oh-no-not-me, I'm-never-going-to-wed, not quite a spinster, wallflower. When she turns her flashing eyes to Alex in admonishment, he is captivated. Try as she might, he is not about to let her be a wallflower. How compelling to feel his insecurities, after all he's the catch of the season. But, to him, they are prejudices based upon his looks, and that he'd rather not deal with. He prefers quiet simplicity and happiness-not being a rake. I love that he knows, from the start, what he wants and didn't play games with anyone (well, mayhap his aunt), it's so refreshing.
Felicity is a predictably insecure martyr. She has to support and protect her charge. And I want to thank the author for not making her a nonsensical child. She was a great support to the storyline.
I actually applauded the most manipulative scenes of our antagonist, Aunt G., Lady Forsythe. Her on-again, off-again fire was bonechilling.
This is the beginning of a new series Rules For A ROGUE. I am looking forward to the next volume.