Monday, October 3, 2016

King's Knight (Medieval Warriors Book 4)

It's is always gratifying to catch up with old friends. In King's Knight, the son of our original h & H, Serena and Renauld de Pierrepont (aka Red Wolf) is his father's son. He's handsome, sexy and a powerful warrior for King William Rufus.

His sexual prowess is known far and wide but the raven haired 'Black Wolf' must answer to his king's wishes that he settle in Normandy and wed. But his heart belongs to the beauty of Talisand.

Merewyn, the illegitimate daughter of a rape victim, was bullied as a young girl. Her champion and protector was always Alex. She became an expert with the bow and arrow under the guidance of a Welsh friend of another expert archer, Lady Serena, mother of the Black Wolf. It was in Wales that Merewyn and Alex meet again. His protective feelings emerge again, love and passion build, but his King has chosen his bride and war between King William and the King of Scotland will take him away. Will Merewyn's secret ruin his favour with his King and devastate relationships of family and friends.

But we are happy to read about our favourite medieval family, and the Red Wolf's son. Regan Walker has created another dramatic epic as only she can. She is always historically accurate. Her physical descriptions and storyline are impeccable. Her words read like an old friend that has the reader wishing that as the pages turn, more will come to allow this masterpiece to be savoured.