Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cold Hearted Rake

By: Lisa Kleypas

For the first time I bought a book for the cover-I kept coming back to it. One can never go wrong with LK but I'm not done with her other series yet. There was no indication this was a series until I went on Goodreads.

Some scenes were questionable eg: having sex in the morning after the wreck or on the breakfast room floor with a house full of people that could walk in at any moment. BUT ~sigh~ when he came up behind her, naked in the bath...well, that was amongst the sexiest scenes ever, without actually having sex. The physical description was so explicit that you can feel his voice and breath at her ear.

This was an entertaining read. The character development also sets up the family dynamics for continuation of the series. The next book, Helen's story, is bound to surprise us. And I can't wait for West's story. He is charming and very comical. I am already invested with these characters.

Highland Rogue (an Old School Romance Book Club Read/Feb.2016

By: Arnette Lamb

This is a charming and heartwarming story that is unusual in that the hunky Laird is not only lord and master but a loving and attentive father to his four illegitimate daughters. And they were all conceived during one wild season at court. He hides a big secret, one of his lassies is the niece of his new governess, but the secret does not end there,
Juliet didn't cross the ocean from Virginia and journey north of the Moray Firth in the dead of winter just to accept the governess position for not one but four sprite and bright six year old's. She's certain one is her niece, but which one? Crossing the line of impropriety and conducting her investigation become a double edge sword. She loves the girls, she loves him and he wants to marry her and have more children. What kind of hero is this? It's all hot and emotionally charged but she is intent on finding her sister's child and getting her safely to America. But what of the love so freely lavished on these girls by  their father, they thrive with happiness. The betrayal of Luchlan's former friend begins a path to truths and some mending of a tumultuous history for families of England and Scotland

Monday, February 15, 2016

Passionate Promises/ Nine Promises To Stir Your Passion

To Challenge The Earl of Cravenswood/Bronwen Evans
This is Book #3 of the Wicked Wagers Triology therefore, in order to truly appreciate this book it is necessary to read the supporting volumes. That being said, I love what the storyline promises but I did get confused with the characters development.

A Promise of Love/Ella Quinn
People can and do fall in love at first sight and it's all the sweeter when both acknowledge it right away. But what about those pesky judgmental older folks so set in their ways? Jenny and Frank make a gallant escape to America before the past catches up. This is a a charming storyline that entertains and leaves you wanting more.

A Kiss For Miss Kingsley/Collette Cameron
This is a romance story and, happily, intrigue. Be careful of what you hear when hiding out in your hosts library.

Stirring Passions/Maggie Andersen
This story has a compelling storyline and is eloquently written. The characters are well developed and charming. The physical descriptions bring you into the story. There are a couple of twists like who will end up with whom, who is a spy, who is a traitor, but this book left me wanting more and I am glad to be introduced to an author that will deliver hours of entertainment.

A Pledge of Passion/Victoria Vane
Baroness and heiress Mariah and Nicholas sealed a vow with a kiss. Being a titled younger son he was deemed not proper for her so he walked away. Twelve years later he is negotiating her marriage contract...but a vow is a vow. This is well written and engaging. You can't go wrong.

A Highwayman's Honor/Michelle McLean
Who doesn't want to be taken by a tall, dark, sculptured highwayman. Lord John Ramsey, leader of the Highland Highwaymen, could no longer tolerate the peerage, under King Charles, pilfering their tenants to bare threads. He assumed a Robin Hood type roll to reclaim some of the monies taken from those who cannot afford to pay so he can donate it back. Her father deserved to be robbed of that which he took from his tenants. Elizabet, Lady Harding did not deserve to be shot by one of his men in the process. But she's up for the adventure, an what girl wouldn't. Always the man of integrity, John does all to keep her safe but does she want to return to her father? Love always shows the way.

Lord Quickthorn's Bargain/Barbara Monajem
This is a well written, engaging fantasy. It was fun as Rex Lord Quickthorn becomes custodian of the fairy well so his sister can take a well earned vacation. He has to hone up on his fairy powers and not a moment too soon because he needs to save his sister and he needs Gwen to do so. This is a great story. This is not my genre but I enjoyed this read and I want it as a series. Do not miss this story.

Wanted By The Warrior//Violetta Rand
Lady Sophie wants a real adventure, with real people that live outside the castle walls, before her betrothal is announced and she is once again a prisoner within the castle walls. There is a festival with the Northern's and Southerner's in the village and it is here Sophie meets her prince. This is a great, happy ever after story and I loved it.

Never Tempt A Rogue/Christy Carlyle
How I wish this was a full length novel. It is so refreshing to have a 'H' that knows what he wants and communicates his feelings directly. There is no playing games, except flirting, and no misinterpretation. This story involves struggle-between the classes-between insecurity and self. And our 'H' has talent, besides in the bed, that is endearing. Our 'h' is punishing herself for falling in love six years ago and trusting.This has left her assenting of a spinster future. Surprisingly, her insecurity is quelled by the knowledge that she was naive and he is still a despicable person. As with all of Carlyle's books, it is well written with some sentences that really stuck with me. She eloquently crafts plot lines and it leaves you wishing, as the pages turn, more of this treat will come to be savored. My imagination is already conjuring up what will be in the following volumes. This story is not done.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

One Scandalous Kiss

By: Christy Carlyle

How far would you go to save your (deceased) wastrel father's business? Sometimes keeping a deathbed promise isn't the best road for a girl to follow. But Jess has integrity enough to do just that, keep his bookstore at all costs. What he also left her was his massive gambling debt.
When an opportunity to earn enough to bring the bank note current-she accepts. A little rich girl is upset that the handsome Viscount would not dance with her, he barely acknowledged her and now he needs to be taught a lesson-brought to his knees, and it is Jess who will bring him down...'the best laid plans' and all that.
As things fall apart in her comfortable, albeit sheltered world, she is rescued by an unlikely ally and taken to the estate of said Viscount. He needs to wed a very wealthy heiress (don't they all) before the roof caves in around them. Enter: rich heiress from America-to play 'dollars for title'. But there are temptations for all at this engagement-house party. And the heiress and Viscount cannot seem to keep their eyes focused. The rake friend, the little rich girl that got her feelings hurt (Yes, she showed up too!) and the well intentioned, busy body aunt are of no help.
You will thoroughly enjoy reading this, the first of the series, roller coaster ride into happiness.