Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bargaining With A Rake (A Whisper Of Scandal series) Book 1

By: Julie Johnstone

It will be difficult for the Duke of Kingsley (aka the Duke of Death) to re-enter society after an 11 year absence. The death of his wife has yet to be resolved and so we can count on the ton to make the worst of what is out there...only the duke and eldest daughter, Gillian, know what happened the night the duchess when over the cliff. Young Whitney does not recall the events of that night. 

Since returning to London, Gllian has received anonymous notes warning them not to re-enter society or the true story of what happened that night will be made public. And you will ask, who else was there? 

Father wants his daughters wed before the story becomes exacerbated thus ruining any chance of an advantageous ($$$$) match. Gillian met a fine specimen of a man behind some drapes as she hid from her father and his choice of suitor, the evil Mallorian. Later her friend, Sally, reintroduces her to the man who stole a kiss from her when she was 8 years old, Alex-Lord Lionhurst, who also hides in drapes from anxious, amorous females.  She is looking for his busienss partner, Drake. If she weds him, she can have a secure life and have her sister live away from scrutiny and accusations with her in America.

The story becomes very exciting as potential suitors try to make their play, the blackmailer makes some bold moves that affects several characters. I really enjoyed this drama, romance, mystery. There are sinister characters. There are humorous characters.  I can highly recommend this series as I have read it three times now. I also recommend the Audible narration by Tristan Hunt.

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