Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind


Rarely as adults are we fortunate enough to carry on the commradmanship of our fellow high school classmates as a collective group. Certainly one might have one or two lifetime friendships.  I am lucky enough to be amongst a large group that spans the six years from junior high through high school in the 60's.  The era of music and the feeling that life offered endless possibilities.  And now with the social networks we have the opportunity to renew old friendships temporarily put on hold, and have a cyber meeting place to reunite. 

Most of us went through elementary and high school together, and it was the 60's, a true bond formed.  I think one way we are unique was how the grades did not segregate ie: seniors hung around with seniors, juniors with juniors. Citizens of our school said hello to you even if you were in a lower grade.  We conversed with one another, we all joined clubs and did things together. 
After the initial reintroductions via the social media, we don't see the physical changes brought on over the years.  One's education and vocation are of little importance.  Now there are no judgments, no peer pressure.  The once handsome, popular quarterback now chats with the wallflower.  The most popular girl sends an email to the guy who used to sit in the corner of the cafeteria with his nose in a book, asking about his mother's health and sending her prayers.  We talk about our lives, our families and our opinions.  We congratulate successes and are truly happy for the good fortune of our fellow "Matadors". We still have school spirit.  It is reassuring to be secure with these old friendships, it is healthy.  These kids, these fellow classmates are here for one another whether it be some light advice or a shoulder when life becomes a little trying.  To know that this group will worry when there is an illness, or one of us is experiencing the terror of sending our child to war...we are there together with support and love through the decades.  How unique we are, such a large group, to still be in one another's lives.

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