Sunday, June 2, 2013

Legend of the Raven/Union Series Bk. Two

By: Shawn Reilly

As I said in my review of Call of the Raven/Union Series Bk. One, this is not my usual genre...far from it. But I loved the first so much that I look forward to all six novels. They are coming out on a timely basis so you don't have to go back to re-read. Shawn's first effort at writing is amazingly good.  She is a wonderful story teller with just the right levels of drama, humor and romance, but readers should know that this story is spread out over six novels so don't be disappointed when there is not a committal ending. She likes to leave you with a cliff hanger.

In Book Two our heroine Elle is learning about the lives of the Lakes and of ani-shifters. She is getting accustomed to them and finds being at Lake Manor safer than the life she had with her abusive boyfriend. She is falling in love with the Lake men; Asher (Keeper), Ari assists and protects the Keeper and Nixon the young brother just learning the telesthesia he has with his brothers.  And she is now the caretaker of the twins and Mary, her upstairs neighbor who she saved in the fire of their home.

Asher is in a war with himself as he begins to notice feelings he has for Elle and his family. Feelings he cannot have because love is the one definite end to his life, as stipulated by the Curse of his fore bearers. And there is an uprising against him as Keeper of the Union by unknown forces who are about to identify themselves. But Ari is back, after being kidnapped and Nixon is growing into a strong young man who is learning his strengths and accepting his responsibility to help protect the family.

This book continues the twists and turns in the darkness with the appearance of some of the other ani-shifters. Asher is a wolf, Ari is a Labrador retriever and Nixon is a Fowler-specifically and mostly a Peregrine falcon. The twins are rats and dear Kennedy, a tiger and another of the Keeper's protege's.

There is no doubt you will enjoy this, as I have. We can all look forward to Book Three and Four will be out in July.  I have joined The Union.


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  2. Got it,,,now, have you read this fantastic series?