Sunday, September 29, 2013

Havana Queen

By: James Bruno

It is evident that our author, Mr. Bruno, put all his experiences, his theories and knowledge into the Havana Queen, as far as the government would allow him.
I enjoyed the continuous action. Reading this book was like driving down a road, coming to a fork in the road and thinking you would continue straight on but, instead, you are taken to the left. Not only did the storyline continually surprise me, but the characters thinking also.
We see the FBI inter-agency conflicts, and we see how prevalent it is. It is the same with MI-5/MI-6, the FSB.  And we see the conflicts between the USA and Cuba. These dances go on all over the world, and we learn an agent must learn the steps, and when to side-step.
He shows understanding of the tenacity of the Cuban government. He gives us food for thought as the future draws nearer to the point when the Castro brothers will no longer be in power.  What will happen to these people, and what affect will North Korea have in the future of Cuba.
My final thought: In mentioning Carlos the Jackal, why did he never assassinate the Cuban leader?  Are there understandings that certain individuals are untouchable? Are there considerations that the alternative to this fascist may be worse, or that chaos would ensue and the door would be opened for the North Korean's?

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