Monday, December 2, 2013

Heart For Rent

By: Karla Brandenberg

Michelle is a ghostwriter who has spent most of her life supporting her selfish sister, Hope, since the day Col. “Uncle Ted” Stratton came to them, alone…no priest even, to tell them their father died in a military operation. Then, after the unrequited, thankless act of love for her barren sister, she finds herself recovering from complications, when she donated her eggs, in France. Her literary agent, Nancy, has arranged for an author to let her home and act as his blog/social media ghostwriter. Although her return is sooner than planned, she allows her tenant to remain so he may be close to his dying mother, in a nursing facility close by. He is quite appealing and, although he does not seem to appreciate her literary talent, she cannot turn him away. Michelle and Rose Schumaker have a cosmic relationship as she appears to Michelle, encouraging her to accept love.

Keith Schumaker, the on-the-tight-leash-deadline author is not happy with relinquishing his identity to a ghostwriter but it is necessary what with deadlines and going to be with his dying mother in the Extended Care Facility close by each day. He worries about his mother’s stories of visiting France. His landlady is enticing and they are drawn to one another, so why does she keep pushing him away?

Rose Schumaker, a young fifty-nine year old cancer victim does not seem confused by her cosmic travels to France, and her transatlantic airplane ride with Michelle. She thinks she will be perfect for her son. But she will make sure by getting to know her a little better. She makes periodic visits to Michelle.

So why should these two sisters be in danger? The dynamics of these stories comes to a crescendo as the charming characters fight through lies, meddling outsiders and relatives, misinterpretation and misrepresentation to save and love one another. This is a well written, exciting story. I read it twice consecutively, and it will be a book I read every year. You can always expect a great story from Karla.

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