Monday, March 2, 2015

The Sapphire/Ruby Brooch (Celtic Brooch triology Bks.1&2)

Kathryn Lowry Logan introduces us to her Celtic Brooch Triology. It is well written in the class of Ciji Ware and Susanna Kearsley. She has mastered the characters and story line without insulting us with repitition and junior high level prose.

Katerine "Kit" MacKlenna is a paralegal in Lexington, Kentucky (2012). She was found, as a new baby, on the MacKlenna's front porch wrapped in a blood soaked, lace shawl held closed with a ruby brooch. She learns of the pin's powers in a letter from the man who raised her, upon his death. It also explains the apparition she has seen since she was 10 years old. She hopes going back in time will lead her to her true parentage and identify the ghost like image she sees.

She prepares her covered wagon, oxen and her thoroughbred horse. She says the incantation and is transported through the amber light to 1852 Independence, Missouri. Right away she meets her ghost, Cullen Montgomery, attorney, wagon train boss and the most incredibly handsome man she has ever met. Kit baffles him with her beauty, brains and brawn. She is inspirational in her fortitude while moving back and forth between the two centuries. But this is a story of love of family, friends and the passionate love of Kit and Cullen that transcends time.

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