Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Red Wolf's Prize

By: Regan Walker

I was thoroughly enthralled reading for this author. I was given no compensation for this review.
The Red Wolf's Prize is an intelligent and very well written lesson in the history of medieval England in the time of William the Conqueror, not like a text book. The author takes you into the action with her vivid physical descriptions of the local scenery, the devastation of war and, mostly, the characters, what was happening to them, you could feel what they were feeling. With the trepidation Serena felt when the Norman King William I gave her, as part of a gift, to Renaud 'Red Wolf', along with everything that belonged to her family and the city of York, and how she connived and fought to save her freedom. I could feel her futility and the attraction they both felt in their battle of wills. The excitement kept moving without overwhelming the reader with de trop facts and characters. It was so refreshing to have a hero that, although ruthless on the battlefield, is romantic, kind and playful otherwise. This is the first in the series and Regan Walker has started out with a stellar manuscript. I am now reading her other books while awaiting the second of this Medieval Knight series-Rogue Knight

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