Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cold Hearted Rake

By: Lisa Kleypas

For the first time I bought a book for the cover-I kept coming back to it. One can never go wrong with LK but I'm not done with her other series yet. There was no indication this was a series until I went on Goodreads.

Some scenes were questionable eg: having sex in the morning after the wreck or on the breakfast room floor with a house full of people that could walk in at any moment. BUT ~sigh~ when he came up behind her, naked in the bath...well, that was amongst the sexiest scenes ever, without actually having sex. The physical description was so explicit that you can feel his voice and breath at her ear.

This was an entertaining read. The character development also sets up the family dynamics for continuation of the series. The next book, Helen's story, is bound to surprise us. And I can't wait for West's story. He is charming and very comical. I am already invested with these characters.

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