Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Embracing Ashberry BLG2.8.2013

By: Serenity Everton

In 1789,Baron Whitney brings his daughter, Ella,to London for her first Season. He usually comes alone, leaving his family in Cornwall, to satiate his need for "entertainment". This comes in the forms of gambling, and then there are the "women"...it used to be "woman" but one was not enough.

In the early morning hours Ella Whitney goes into the garden for some fresh air. She is brutally attacked by knife. The following years she recovers slowly but the physical and emotional scars remain, even after a lengthy European tour with her doting family. None expectd her to ever marry. She was cheerful admidst her family but receeded within herself in the presence of others.

Until the day Stephen Shane Trinity, Marquess of Ashberry met her and decided to make this unique beauty his. Sweetly and slowly he gained her trust. Her family questioned their relationship although unable to distinguish anything other than his admiration of her. The family dynamics rule each scenario until Ashberry gets his new wife to his main estate in Scotland. There he focuses all his efforts to making her comfortable in love...the passionate sex is the foundation of the reclamation of her life and her ability to trust and love.

Ashberry set out on a crusade for bengence and recruits his brother in law, Edward, who is all to eager to assist. What follows is a escapade of surprizes that answer the questions Ella, her mother and brothers have lived with most of their lives.

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