Friday, January 25, 2013

Rough Harbor BLG1..24.2012

By Andrea Stein

This is a charming story of coming home.  Caitlyn Montgomery was smart enough to leave London when she found her controlling fiancee in bed with her friend.  She was offered a position at the brokerage firm her father and his, now deceased, friend Maxwell Randall founded. She did not need to work thanks to her wise business investments.  She was sure this company would be her legacy.  The only other candidates were the slimey #2 man, Sam Harris and Maxwell's son, and her first love, Noah Randall who was a software mogul in silicon valley.  She was sure he had no interest in his father's company since he had not spoken to him in ten years.  But at the company meeting she was surprised to see him introduced as the new President of Queensbay Capital Group.

The attraction between Caitlyn and Noah was immediate and he did not try to hide his interest in her.  She did her best to keep him at arm's length but there was no way to hide her feelings...feelings she had repressed for ten years after she told him "NO" and he called her "a tease".  But Sam Harris has other plans to put this successful new accounts associate in her place, either play his way or leave.  But Caitlyn became suspicious when her accounts began to show deficits and with the help of an old family friend, she gathered information to save the company, while Noah fought her ex fiancee who would not let go.  Yes, you can go home again! 

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